Jump to content Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting Existing user? Back then, golfers used to think that this was a “secret way” for the companies to get their heads to perform like they were over the COR limit. check over here These mags should stop wating our time with their reviews and just stick to everything else.

The ball flight was strong and drove my drives forward on a fantastic penetrating trajectory. Golf Digest Hot List Drivers 2015 Thanks for the response gentlemen. And actually had not one of our slow swing players hit them both comparatively poorly, they'd probably have cracked the top 5 for the low SS guys.

The extent to which it influenced the results…speculative at best.

Charlie Kempf: From the moment I hit it I loved the Ping G20 and I'm definitely going out to buy one. The rationale for not participating sounds a little lame. I would like to see how this equipment, in the hands of an unbiased tester, compares with the "big boys" using the same criteria. Golf Digest Hot List 2012 Putters The other thing is the Japanese market is an entirely different market, in short, the ave.

The testing that is being done here is evidence of it so now we are going to have to go out there and practice a bit more to improve our game. Titleist isn't a sponsor this year nor advertises with us, not dollar 1. Terry UK Golfer Reply fleeter 4 years ago Seriously? this content Divots The Major Dr Felix Shank Jobs Memorabilia Motoring Readers Letters Golf Rules Sales Services Directory Video Library Equipment Drivers, Woods & Hybrids TRIED & TESTED: Battle of the Big Sticks

Hope some of the testers will comment thanks. Golfers can adjust the face angle with new Adjustable Sole Plate Technology (ASP), adjust the loft with Flight Control Technology (FCT) and adjust the CG location with Movable Weight Technology (MWT). CLEVELAND GOLF CG BLACK Price: £329 Contact: www.clevelandgolf.com Options: 9 ° , 10.5 ° (RH & LH) & 12 ° (RH only) They say: The CG Black driver weighs in at After all, they are the most important thing in your life.

I can see why the R11 has been so popular and I would instantly put one in the bag. Driver categories are: Tour (evaluated by ClubTesters with +1 to 10 handicaps), Game-Improvement (6 to 16 handicaps) and Maximum Game-Improvement (14 to 22 handicaps). I can afford any club out there, but I don't like wasting money either. JK Reply Bob Pegram 4 years ago Agreed!

Any others that are a "safe" driver for me?